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attic plans

all songs written by Ryohei Ameda
all instruments and vocals by Ryohei Ameda
except Tr.1 bass by Toshiyuki Ishihara (table music meeting, easel record),
Tr.5 melodica and xylophone by achico
recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryohei Ameda at Sea Song Studio
art work by Ryoka Neya

mini album (SS013)

attic plans

release: Apr 2021

attic plans
  • 1. attic window
  • 2. ligno
  • 3. in the milk pond
    (2021 yaneura-mix)
  • 4. new moon
  • 5. pale air
  • 6. warmth of the darkness
  • 7. viridian steps
    (2021 yaneura-mix)